A peptoid-peptide hybrid, NMEG-aCGRP, and its use in cardiovascular diseases


Technology / 19-31:    A peptoid-peptide hybrid, NMEG-aCGRP, and its use in cardiovascular diseases

Inventor:                      Shannon Servoss, Jay Potts, Ambrish Kumar, Donald Dipette

Status:                        This invention is available for licensing


General Description


In an effort to save the lives of millions of people suffering from various cardiovascular diseases (CVD), researchers at the University of Arkansas have developed a novel vasodilator called 2-methoxyethyl glycine (NMEG)-calcitonin gene-related peptide (aCGRP) that could help treat conditions like heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases. The advancement of this technology could improve the traditional methods used to treat heart failure. NMEG-aCGRP promises to be one of the most robust vasodilators with enhanced stability and performance to treat CVD. It eliminates the drawback posed by the short half-life of aCGRP in the human serum. NMEG-aCGRP has proven to be more stable with experiments done on mice models and has been demonstrated to exhibit extended resistance to degradation while retaining identical biological activity of the original molecule. NMEG-aCGRP capitalizes on the crucial need to develop new therapies to treat longstanding CVD.





•       This peptoid-peptide hybrid retains the activity of the original peptide with increased stability

•       Synthesis of the peptoid is simple and cost effective

•       This peptoid has shown to be non-toxic when tested on two cardiac myocyte cell lines




•       Treatment of hypertension, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases.




Recently, CVD have become a common cause of death globally and it is expected that, the mortality of more than 23.6 million people in the world will be caused due to a CVD by the year 2030 with the cost rising to nearly $1.1 trillion in the year 2035. A promising solution to this scenario is the development of a stable vasodilator.



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