High Electric-Thermal Performance and High-Power Density Power Module


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Conventional commercial SiC power module still uses the standard packaging designed for silicon IGBT power module. Although SiC MOSFET can operate at higher frequency due to its higher switching speed compared to Si IGBT, its upper limit of switching frequency is still limited by the large parasitic due to voltage overshoot, oscillation and EMI issues. 1200V/300A commercial SiC power module CAS300M12BM2 which has 15nH power loop parasitic inductance and several decades nanohenry gate loop inductance. Therefore, the larger gate resistance should be used to suppress oscillation. However, switching power loss will increase. The power density of converter system could be increased with higher switching frequency due to smaller size of passive components. While, the volume of power module could also be the one of bottleneck of high-power density. 1200/300A commercial SiC power module CAS300M12BM2 has a significantly large size of 106mm×62mm×30mm. In addition, The chip arrangement is also limited by terminal position of this standard packaging. The dissymmetric thermal distribution will cause temperature concentration. This invention claims a SiC power module based on a novel packaging approach. This SiC power module has ultra-low parasitic inductance (about 2nH). The low-profile structure provides threefold increase of power density. A more symmetric chip arrangement makes current and thermal distribution more balanced. In addition, the phase-leg layout also provides a flexible circuit topology selection that allows for flexible application.


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Photovoltaic inverter, Solid-state transformer, Electric vehicle, Aerospace inverter, Electric traction, Pulse power supply, Motor drive



* Lower parasitic inductance in power loop and gate loop compared with conventional power module.

* Increase in power density due to decrease in size of power module.

* More symmetric chip arrangement provides symmetric thermal spread path and avoids thermal concentration.

* Flexible circuit topology selection thanks to phase-leg layout.




a novel high electric-thermal performance and high-power density SiC power module packaging based on combination of traditional mature fabrication process with low cost and several packaging design innovations such as electric-thermal co-design, side-by-side gate driver connector and low-profile power terminal integrated with screw thread.



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