Templated microgels with antimicrobial properties


Technology # 19-13


A Novel approach to Templated microgels with antimicrobial properties



The invented antimicrobial agents are microgels that are synthesized from commercially available monomers and a polymerizable pentadentate ligand. The ligand serves as a backbone for an immobilized dormant catalyst that can be conveniently activated by metal ion addition. 

The material thus combines the antimicrobial activity of a microgel matrix with the catalytic power of a glycoside-hydrolyzing metal complex. Therefore, the material does not require uptake into the bacterial cell and evades polysaccharide slime formation by hydrolysis of those glycosidic bonds.

The developed material shows stronger activity than lysozyme as antimicrobial agent to kill E. coli cell growth with LD50 values as low as 880 nM. The microgels also shows superior activity after 120-150 days of activation, while the activity of lysozyme is greatly diminished in less than 30 days indicating superior activity to current technology in combination with long-term activity and convenient storage at ambient temperature.



Antimicrobial paint, e.g for hospitals and ships Bandages for wound healing for humans and animals Waste treating facility to kill microbes Coatings for water reservoirs or ships Food industry as package material coatings Cosmetic industry for use as a hygienic powder on skin Protective textiles, e.g. for army




Long-term activity; ease of preparation, handling and long-term storage




Synthesis of microgels with antimicrobial activity: The synthesis of the material is based on a polymerization protocol at ambient or sub-ambient temperature.  



This invention/technology is available for licensing.

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