Methods for Detection of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks for SCADA Communication Networks and Applications of Same


Technology # 19-12





The increasing use of digital networks and computer-based control of electric power delivery systems brings benefits of efficiency, resiliency and increased availability of renewable energy sources. However, the adoption of “smart grid” enabling technologies also creates cybersecurity threats to the operation of critical energy infrastructure. This invention discloses a method where independent verification of power system protection data can be achieved that leverages existing installed technologies that provides a new and effective technique to detect and eliminate the threat of man0in0the0middle attacks. This achieves higher levels of power system security with minimal increase in cost. 




The invention can be applied to detect man-in-the-middle attacks for most electric power delivery systems. This includes all existing transmission(>100kV) and distribution (<100kV) utility systems. 




The invention provides a fast and reliable method for detecting Man-in-the-Middle attacks with minimal additional hardware. The advantage is increased security at lower cost compared to competing methods.




A security technology for communication networks.



This invention/technology is available for licensing.

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