Peptoids and Methods for attenuating inflammatory response


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Peptoids are peptidomimetics that attain invulnerability to proteolytic degradation through repositioning of the side-chain from the α-carbon to the amide nitrogen. This invulnerability to pro-teases, as well as other qualities such as diminished immunogenicity, 10 enhanced cellular permeability, and capacity for intranasal administration, make peptoids immensely attractive as neurotherapeutic agents.




Many diseases/conditions associated with aging and/or chronic inflammation— from specific diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease, to conditions such as depression and obesity. 




RAGE expression is low in most tissues in the young/healthy, and increases in RAGE expression are associated with aging or conditions of chronic inflammation. Targeting RAGE could function as a preventative measure as well as a treatment option for a wide array of conditions (as previously mentioned.  Peptoids are frequently relatively inexpensive to fabricate, elicit less of an immune response, and are more cell-permeable. All factors that theoretically increase their capacity to reach their target site with fewer side-effects. This, combined with their resistance to degradation, may mean that the therapeutic dose required for efficacy over the long term is much lower than other options. Because they may be administered intra-nasally, peptoids are of particular interest as neurotherapeutics.   




Peptoids and methods for attenuating inflammatory response, and more particularly RAGE-associated inflammatory response. A method for reversing or inhibiting RAGE expression in a cell presented with a stimulator of an innate immune response, the method comprising contacting the cell with an effective amount of a composition comprising a peptoid segment of formula to reverse or inhibit RAGE expression in the cell.



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