Minecraft Mod - Music Education


Technology # 17-28


A MOD Simulation for music students for MINECRAFT


MINECRAFT is a popular block construction game that is played on a number of  entertainment video game systems.  This module would serve as a learning platform for students within music based classes that could become a part of a curriculum, while serving as a fun and familiar way to teach the art of music. 




Teaching students musical curriculum within an interactive video game based environment.




It uses music teaching methods within a familiar and popular gaming format that is available most everywhere worldwide.




The technology uses both musical theoretical paradigms via open source connectivity to the available gaming platform development platform.




This invention/technology is available for licensing.

For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact:

Mark Allen Lanoue

Technology Manager / Tech Ventures

University of Arkansas

(479) 575-7243



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For Information, Contact:
Mark Lanoue
Technology Manager
University of Arkansas
Daniel Abrahams
David Fredrick
Adam Schoelz
Liam McMahon
Chandler Abbott
Andrew Rowan
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