Reverse Electrodialysis as an Platform for Biobatteries


Technology # 17-02



A Modality for an in-vivo bio-battery via reverse electrodialysis 


The RED bio-battery produces no harmful toxins, it is long-lasting (years), it is a very simple deign, and it only requires to opposing blood streams of different sodium concentrations to produce power. This battery has the potential to power almost any implanted medical technology. Due to its flexibility to alter the design based on need of current or voltage, it can be adapted to provide power for medical devices that have been postponed due to lack of need power. Unlike other bio-batteries, this has only been research once, but displays great promise with supporting evidence, whereas all other bio-batteries have been researched for many years, altered multiple times, and tampered with to obtain better results. Ultimately the longer these other bio-batteries last, the greater possibility of temperature poisoning, and other negative effects, whereas the RED bio-battery has shown no harmful signs, or negative results.




This invention could help provide the available power for future applications with artificial organs and pacemakers without fear or chemical harm to the body. The medical application could help increase these advancements exponentially. Theoretically, it would be installed in the body during surgery. This is to prevent two surgeries, so it is better performed when the other medical device is installed. The lifespan of each RED bio-battery would be created to suit the medical device it is being installed to support. If it is a lifetime medical device, then the RED bio-battery would be configured to last the remainder of the patients life, and likewise respectively. Ultimately, this device will allow the medical industry/field to focus on advancing other medical devices geared towards improving health and wellbeing, without having to stress over a valid power source to operate their inventions. Therefore, the amount of devices or produces that this bio-battery could assist or create is unknown, or would be possibly underestimated, because it has the potential to grow along with the medical industry.




* Theoretically it can function for 7+ years

* The bio-battery design is non-toxic, clean energy

* Can be placed almost anywhere in the body

* Very simple design

* Many possible applications in the medical field

* Can be designed to be cost effective

* Can be designed to produce a required range of voltage, current, and/or power.




A novel invention/technology that uses the homeostatic nature of two blood flow mechanisms close to one another to generate current on the basis of reverse electrodialysis.



This invention/technology is available for licensing.

For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact:

Mark Allen Lanoue

Technology Manager / Tech Ventures

University of Arkansas

(479) 575-7243



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