MTComm: Internet Scale Communication method of Machine Tools for Remote Operations


Existing communication methods do not provide a capability of operating machine tools over the Internet, which is necessary for developing a Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Cloud (CPMC). To address this issue, a new invention has been created to provide the first Internet scale communication method named Machine Tool Communication (MTComm) to both acquire monitoring data and exchange operational services between machine tools across the Internet. The method supports machine tool monitoring and their operations at both device and component level. MTComm is designed in such a way that various machine tools using heterogeneous machine specific languages can interact with each other over the internet. This invention allows manufacturers to operate their machines directly, while most cloud based manufacturing services use human-in-the-loop production system. MTComm increases machine inter-operability, production efficiency and has a significant potential for Internet-of-Things applications.




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Ref. 17-29



Patent Information:
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Non-Provisional United States 16/020,795 6/27/2018    
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