Novel method for production of new TEMPO (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyradical) celloulose membranes with low contact angles.


Cellulose Membranes as Revolutionary New Packaging Material


With publications growing dramatically since 2009, the intelligent packaging field of research has shown promise to produce products that can be the future of the packaging industry. Biopolymers and plastics made from naturally occurring biological material, such as cellulose, have especially peeked interest in the intelligent packaging industry.  One of the problems with traditional packaging is the disposal of packaging material, which is creating increasing problems in the environment and higher costs to dispose of in landfills.


Two new forms of cellulose have been developed with superior properties that make them attractive for use in several applications, including as a packaging material. Both of the new materials are made from cellulose a natural material found in all plants.  One of the new forms of cellulose will completely biodegrade in the environment, making it an excellent choice as a packaging material.  Other properties and uses of the new cellulose sheets include medical applications in certain surgical procedures, and also as a material that can be used in clothing, filter paper, tissue paper and paper towels.  It also has application in research where it can be used as a support or backing for cell growth.


The new cellulose materials are patent pending and are available for license.


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