Injectable Hydrogel Employing Protein based Anti-Cancer, Vaccine and Immuno Therapy Drugs


Drug delivery of anti-cancer drugs is the subject of a great deal of research.  Many anti-cancer drugs are toxic to the body and can only be used internally if they are used only at the site of a tumor and do not spread throughout the body.  Injectable hydrogels have been developed that can, through injection, position drugs only at a specific location rather than have those drugs injected into the bloodstream where they travel through the whole body.  However, until now the hydrogels were not able to deliver protein based drugs such as IL-12, because the chemistry of the formulation of the hydrogel either killed healthy cells, or was destructive of proteins, limiting their use to non-protein drugs.

A new chemistry for creating hydrogels has been created that does not kill healthy cells, and is not destructive of protein based drugs such as IL-12.  The new hydrogel has the advantage of being able to deliver IL-12 and other drugs directly to a specific location in the body so that they do not damage healthy tissue elsewhere in the body.  Further, biologics delivered through the new hydrogel will be retained at the site of the injection for extended periods of time, improving therapeutic efficiency.

The new hydrogel is patent pending and is available for license.



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