Achiral Peptoids and Variations for Treating Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disease that progressively robs the memory and the mental abilities of the patient. There currently is no cure for Alzheimer’s, or even a treatment to slow the progression of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 26.6 million people worldwide and is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people globally by 2050. Although there is no conclusive known cause of the disease, the presence of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain is associated with the disease and its symptoms. New peptoids have been created that prevent the aggregation of the beta amyloids, and may break up existing amyloids. These peptoids are currently being tested and research is on-going. The new peptoids may be developed into drugs which could be administered to Alzheimer’s patients to prevent further damage to their brains, and possibly even to reverse the effects of the disease.

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Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Provisional United States 62/184,057 6/24/2015    
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