Infrastructure Placement Analysis System (IPAS)


The oil and gas industry, as well as other industrial and commercial enterprises frequently must coordinate planned sites for drilling or other operations with environmental regulators.  The environmental issues are complex, usually involving a lot of different factors related to a given site – such as soil conditions, slope, drainage, and the location of significant environmental assets, such as Extraordinary Resource Waters.  A problem exists in coordinating industry plans with environmental regulators in an efficient manner.  The University of Arkansas has developed a software tool to address the problem.

The Infrastructure Placement Analysis System (IPAS) is multifunctional software whose primary purpose is to enable rapid screening for gas developers during infrastructure placement planning stages.  The system provides a secured and centralized resource where operators and regulators can perform pertinent geospatial analysis on a range of environmental issues related to the oil and gas industry.

IPAS has tools that will compare a proposed well pad or gathering line location against several data layers (erodible soils, proximity to extraordinary resource waters, et.)  Based on the result of the comparison, the system will provide information to the user indicating potential environmental impacts associated with the placement.  The used can also run simple models that predict spill directions from a simulated reserve pit failure.  Another feature of the tool is the ability to submit a link showing the proposed placement for review or comment.  One intention of this tool is to enable more streamlined communication between the regulating agencies and the user.

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Ref:  13-27


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