Paragon - A Behavioral Modeling Tool for Electronic Circuits and Systems


Fundamentally, it is a necessity to simulate the operation of electronic circuits on a computer before committing designs to expensive fabrication and production manufacturing. In order to accomplish this task the simulator requires models of the electronic components.

Many of these models are built in to the simulators or come in accompanying libraries for elementary electronic components such as transistors, diodes and passive elements. However, because design complexities have increased over the past decade, simulators can no longer handle the simulations required of an entire chip-level design in a reasonable amount of time.

The alternative is to create higher level, behavioral models of circuit blocks and simplify the overall chip-level simulations. However, this approach is not often used as it takes as much time as getting the design completed!

PARAGON is a software tool developed specifically to solve the problem and enables this modeling to occur in a single day rather than weeks to months by facilitating model development and creation and validation. Recently, students at NC State University implemented a standard transistor model into a simulator and it took 7 weeks on average per team. A single student at the UA implemented the same model in PARAGON in 1week. This is indicative of the improvements and with experience this time can be reduced more significantly.

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