Job Placement Survey System


The University of Arkansas’s Career Development Center has developed a sophisticated program that incorporates database technology with organized input by faculty and staff. This system greatly enhances both the efficiency and effectiveness of information used to assist in job placement for students.

The system uses a multi-tiered SQL database that allows students to be grouped under their respective departments, and allows for changes in administrators to be made smoothly without risk of redundancy or loss of vital information. The program also features information security, restricting access to specific information on students intelligently while making available general statistics for use.

Two major methods of information input are used within the system, direct input by faculty and student web collection. The web collection system requests information from students online, and automatically merges it with any information gathered by staff to paint a clear picture of that student. The result is a clearer picture of the students individually and as a whole, in a single database, without the guesswork of traditional survey systems.

A major benefit of this system is the web display feature. This allows for the sharing of aggregate information with interested parties online. It incorporates dropdown boxes that allow the viewer to select information by university, college, department, or major setting. This could be valuable to employers, current students, and prospective students.

The University of Arkansas welcomes inquiries from all educational institutions regarding this system, which is available for licensing.

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Ref. 09-10


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