Automatic Name Tag Printing System


Technology # 08-20


Accurate and Streamlined Name Tag Printing System

Successful career fair event management requires an accurate and streamlined means to quickly register participants. In the past, participants in career fairs and other such events used hand printed name tags. These tags were not consistent and were often illegible resulting in a frustrating experience for both the students and potential employers. To ensure prospective employers could manage their time with the students effectively a better system was required that would automatically print (name, major, level, student ID, and email address).



The solution generates the name tag at event check-in by using magnetic card swipe technology, a central database, and a label printer to efficiently allow students to receive their event name tags. Should the student not have their student ID, the check-in staff can merely enter their student ID and the tag will be printed. The solution also allows for post event evaluation as all participants are captured in the database. In addition, the solution can be generalized to handle any type of event registration where printed name tags would be useful.




* Streamlined

* Automatic

* Accurate




Automatic Name Tag Printing System



This software is available for license.

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