Novel Hydroisobenzofurans for Anticancer and/or Antibiotic Applications


Technology # 08-09


Invention for Anticancer and/or Antibiotic Applications


Naturally occurring products known as 2, 11 cyclized cembranoids have been shown to inhibit the growth of KB3 nasopharyngeal carcinoma. KB3 cells are the standard cancer cell line used to test for chemotherapy effectiveness. University scientists have developed a unique synthesis process to create bicyclic hydroisobenzofurans, the beneficial compounds that are naturally occurring in 2, 11 cyclized cembranoids. These specific compounds have not previously been investigated for anticancer or antibiotic applications. To date testing has shown inhibition of growth of 50% of the KB3 cancer test cells at a concentration of the chemical compound of 3 micromolar.



* The compounds offer the possibility of improved anticancer and/or antibiotic  chemotherapies. 

* Anti-Cancer Pharmaceuticals

* Antibiotics



Advantages are only potential at this point. More active.compounds will have the potential to expand the re effective chemotherapies against cancer and bacterial infections.



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This invention is available for license.

For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact:


Mark Allen Lanoue

Technology Manager / Tech Ventures

University of Arkansas

(479) 575-7243





Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Non-Provisional United States 12/803,611 8,450,366 6/30/2010 5/28/2013  
For Information, Contact:
Mark Lanoue
Technology Manager
University of Arkansas
Matthias Mcintosh
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