Tactile Aids for Access to Advanced Software by Blind / Low Vision Users


Technology # 08-02


Graphical User interfaces (GUIs) by blind/low vision (BLV) individuals


This invention allows for the use of sophisticated software packages that employ Graphical User interfaces (GUIs) by blind/low vision (BLV) individuals. Current state of the art technology adapts the use of GUIs by eliminating the mouse based interface (MBI) through a combination of programmed keystrokes combined with audio information. The elimination of MBI, however, ultimately limits the BLV user to software packages that have been specially adapted for their use. A system has been developed that allows the BLV user to have refined control over MBI and permit true MBI events by using tactile screen overlays.



The new system can be used in principal for any software package employing GUIs, but is particularly useful for science and engineering software packages and other advanced software packages that are not BLV friendly.



The invention allows BLV access to MBI for software applications.




To see and read the issued patent, click the following link: http://vpred.uark.edu/documents/techventures/tech_docs/us8201090.pdf



This invention/software is available for licensing. For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact:

Mark Allen Lanoue

Technology Manager / Tech Ventures

University of Arkansas

(479) 575-7243






Patent Information:
App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date
Non-Provisional United States 12/269,965 8,201,090 11/13/2008 6/12/2012  
For Information, Contact:
Mark Lanoue
Technology Manager
University of Arkansas
Robert Beitle
Harry Cheung
Noel Romey
Steven Setzer
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