Modeling Non-Linear Behavior of Analog Circuits


Technology # 08-05

Invention/Software Models the behavior of non-linear analog electrical circuits

ASCEND is the name of a software code that models the behavior of non-linear analog electrical circuits. As the complexity and performance criteria of analog and mixed-signal systems are steadily increased, behavioral modeling methods are commonly used by design engineers for rapid higher-level simulations. Behavioral models have the potential of faster simulation speed without loss of accuracy for given performance specifications.

ASCEND has the unique ability to model the non-linear behavior of circuits. Non-linear dynamic effects can be included in ASCEND models, greatly improving the simulation results of circuits that are highly dependent on such behavior to achieve their function

A novel approach for effectively identifying and modeling nonlinear dynamic behavior Of analog circuits is presented in this invention. A modeling tool, Ascend, has been implemented based on this approach. A subset of nodes in the original circuit is identified for modeling nonlinear dynamics by the developed identification technique. Compared to other methods, the behavioral models are more accurate as a result of capturing nonlinear phenomena.



This software would help power module manufacturers/designers create a wider array of designs faster and more efficiently. Different licensing methods of the software could be experimented with.

The tool could also be cast as a browser-based application where it is pay walled using a username and password system.



• Provides highly accurate models of a wide variety of circuits, 

• An advantageous tradeoff capability between accuracy versus speed, 

• Rapid generation of models (on the order of half an hour), 

• Is the only method that directly addresses non-linear behavior

The software tool offers a method to accelerate the development of electronic circuits designed using simulation. The balancing act is to be able to run larger, abstracted models faster while maintaining a sufficient level of detail and accuracy as compared to the full transistor circuit realization. Other software tools are also able to model circuits, however, ASCEND has a unique approach to model order reduction. ASCEND can model circuits in both the time and frequency domains and can handle both linear and non-linear circuit effects.

Main advantage is that the procedure is automated from circuit description in SPICE format to behavioral model. Additional important advantages are highly accurate models, wide variety of circuits can be modeled, accuracy versus speed tradeoff capability, rapid generation of models (on the order of 1/2  hour), and only method that directly addresses nonlinear phenomena.



ASCEND offers a method of accelerating the development of electronic circuits designed using simulation. ASCEND uses an automated procedure from circuit description in SPICE format to the behavioral model, saving time and reducing errors.


This invention/software is available for licensing. For interested parties seeking further information, feel free to contact:

Mark Allen Lanoue

Technology Manager / Tech Ventures

University of Arkansas

(479) 575-7243


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