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Biocompatible and Biodegradable Anionic Hydrogel System
Technology # 18-18An Anionic Hydrogel product/technology The development of bio-compatible and bio-degradable hydrogels for sustained delivery of biological therapeutic agents is important for many regenerative medicine applications. In general, hydrogels can be made from both natural and synthetic polymers. Natural polymers are often bio-compatible...
Published: 7/25/2018   |   Inventor(s): Jingyi Chen, Tengjiao Wang, Isabelle Niyonshuti, Suresh Thallapuranam, Ravi Kumar Gundampati, Shilipi Agarwal, Kyle Quinn, Jake Jones
Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, All, Material Science
Improved Green Fluorescent Protein for Protein Manufacturing
Technology # 16-05Technology related to Green Fluorescent Protein Manufacturing When manufacturing proteins from bacteria that has DNA that has been engineered to produce a target protein, it is necessary to also engineer a tag onto the end of the target protein strand. The tag allows the target protein to be distinguished from the other non-target...
Published: 12/10/2015   |   Inventor(s): Robert Beitle, Suresh Thallapuranam, Joshua Sakon, David Mcnabb, Rudra Mukherjee
Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, All, Food Science & Nutrition, Food Systems
Removal of Low Molecular Weight Heparin as a Treatment for Heparin Overdose
Technology # 14-04A Technology as a Treatment for Heparin OverdoseHeparin is an anti-coagulant that is commonly used in surgery to prevent blood from clotting during procedures such as kidney dialysis, heart bypass surgery, stent implementation, indwelling catheters and knee and hip replacements. In about 5% of the cases of heparin usage, the patients...
Published: 9/24/2015   |   Inventor(s): Suresh Thallapuranam, Srinivas Jayanthi, Jaqueline Morris, Alicia Brown, David Mcnabb, Ralph Henry
Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, All, Pharmaceutical
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