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High Temperature Optoelectronic Devices for Power Electronics
Technology # 19-08HIGH TEMPERATURE OPTOELECTRONIC DEVICES FOR POWER ELECTRONICSThe present invention relates to improvements in electrical circuits. More particularly, the invention relates to improvements particularly suited for power modules.  In particular, the present invention relates specifically to a low temperature co-fired ceramic, LTCC, process...
Published: 4/30/2019   |   Inventor(s): Zhong Chen, Shui-Qing (Fisher) Yu, Homer Mantooth, Andrea Wallace, Syam Madhusoodhanan
Category(s): All, Consumer Products, Electric power conversion, Electronic & Photonic Devices, Power Electronics
A Technique to Reduce the Thermal Resistance of Semiconductor Substrates
Technology # 18-29A System for reducing the thermal resistance of semiconductor substratesOperation of a power semiconductor device generates a great amount of heat in the active layer which needs to be dissipated. This has been a limitation for many high power devices as the temperature for the junction cannot exceed a specific value. Not all the substrates...
Published: 3/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Samir El-Ghazaly, Amirreza Avval, Gregory Salamo, Shui-Qing (Fisher) Yu
Category(s): All, Electronic & Photonic Devices, Energy & Power, Power Electronics
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