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Achieving ultrahigh recording density by use of multi-stable vortex states in ferroelectric nanostructures.
Technology # 04-29 (related to technology 09-18 )Use of Nanodots of Ferroelectric Material to Store Information (FerroElectric Memory)This is a new invention that will revolutionize the data-storage capability of ferroelectric random accessed memory (FRAM) by a dramatic and unprecedented increase up to a record high of 80 Terabits/inch2, which is ...
Published: 3/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Ivan Naumov, Laurent Bellaiche, Huaxiang Fu
Category(s): Materials & Nanotechnology, Electronic & Photonic Devices, Information Technology, All
Synthesis of ultrafine metal oxide core-shell nanoparticles for water electrolysis
Technology # 19-18A System/Technology for water electrolysisUniform ultrafine metal oxide core-shell nanoparticles with exceptional activity and stability for efficient water electrolysis Application(s):* Provide optimized synthesis protocols* Provide efficient nanocatalysts for water electrolysisAdvantage(s):* The chemical method is economical and...
Published: 3/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jingyi Chen, Lauren Greenlee, Ryan Mansano, Prashant Acharya, Cameron Crane
Category(s): All, Environment
An Introduction to MACROS: The Mechanically Actuated Control-arm Regenerative Output System
Technology # 19-17A System for a mechanically actuated control-arm regenerative output systemThe Mechanically Actuated Control-arm Regenerative Output System, or MACROS, is a device that harnesses the kinetic energy from a suspension system that would otherwise be expended as heat to produce electrical energy via mechanical actuation. This electric...
Published: 3/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Nicholas Broadbent
Category(s): All, Energy & Power, Electric power conversion
A Technique to Reduce the Thermal Resistance of Semiconductor Substrates
Technology # 18-29A System for reducing the thermal resistance of semiconductor substratesOperation of a power semiconductor device generates a great amount of heat in the active layer which needs to be dissipated. This has been a limitation for many high power devices as the temperature for the junction cannot exceed a specific value. Not all the ...
Published: 3/15/2019   |   Inventor(s): Samir El-Ghazaly, Amirreza Avval, Gregory Salamo, Shui-Qing (Fisher) Yu
Category(s): All, Electronic & Photonic Devices, Energy & Power
Gold-Coated Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications
Technology #06-11The invention proposes a novel use of Gold coated Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) for bio-compatibility Carbon nanotubes (CNT's) are known to have particular optical qualities that make them interesting for possible biomedical applications. Specifically, the CNT's are very responsive to light in the near-infrared range (700 – 1110 nm ...
Published: 11/27/2018   |   Inventor(s): Jin-Woo Kim, Russell Deaton
Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Materials & Nanotechnology, All
Improved Reverse Electrodialysis for High Density Power Generation
Technology # 13-34 Improved method using natural salinity gradients as source of energy Worldwide energy needs demand the development of more sustainable sources of energy. Previous research has shown that natural salinity gradients can be used as a source of energy. Methods that use these gradients include pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) and rever...
Published: 10/11/2018   |   Inventor(s): Jamie Hestekin, Hailey Dunsworth, Alex Lopez
Category(s): Energy & Power, Environment, All
Paragon - A Behavioral Modeling Tool for Electronic Circuits and Systems
Technology # 04-13 Invention/Software Models the behavior of non-linear analog electrical circuits and systemsFundamentally, it is a necessity to simulate the operation of electronic circuits on a computer BEFORE committing designs to expensive fabrication and production manufacturing. In order to accomplish this task, the simulator requires models...
Published: 9/28/2018   |   Inventor(s): Alan Mantooth, Homer Mantooth
Category(s): Information Technology, All, Electronic & Photonic Devices, Energy & Power
On-Chip IEC ESD Protection Using Parasitic PNP Devices
Technology #18-31The invention proposes a novel area-efficient rail-based ESD protection structureHigh speed interface ICs require both IC-level and system level ESD protections due to system exposure to static electricity discharges. On-chip ESD protections for high speed interface ICs are difficult due to the stringent pin requirements. Specifica...
Published: 8/15/2018   |   Inventor(s): Zhong Chen, Farzan Farbiz
Category(s): Electronic & Photonic Devices, All
Helical fin design by additive manufacturing of metal for enhanced heat sink for electronics cooling
Technology # 18-30Enhanced Heat Sink with Helical Fin Design for Electronics Cooling In electronics, an increase in heat transfer is caused by the presence of cooler fluid coming into contact with hotter fluid. In other words, as the fluid passes over the heat sink, it heats up. There is a new invention for a helical fin design heat sink that allow...
Published: 8/9/2018   |   Inventor(s): David Huitink, Bakhtiyar Nafis, Reece Whitt
Category(s): Mechanical, All
Combined integration of Phase Change Materials into Conduction Convection latent heat opimized thermal management through Novel geometries enabled in Additive manufatured heat sinks
The reliability of electronic modules depends, to a great extent, on the thermal performance of the system. As the power density of electronic modules increases, so does the heat from electrical losses. In order to avoid degradation or device failure caused by operation over maximum allowable temperature, heat must be effectively dispersed. A new d...
Published: 8/9/2018   |   Inventor(s): David Huitink, Ange Iradukunda
Category(s): Mechanical, All
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